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 SH 140 spreader new design with new spreading table

NEW (only used in trade show exhibits) -  2015 model year

  14 m3 capacity
  Galvanised body
  Spreading table
  Monobloc boards to facilitate flow
  Pared down walls for easier cleaning
  100% integration of the components in the front cover for added protection and better access to all electro-hydraulic components
  Axle bolted on the bed
  Remote centralised greasing
  Mudguards preventing the accumulation of matter and making cleaning easier
  Reinforced grille on the front part ensuring better protection from splashes
  Wood risers for increasing the capacity of the spreader
  DPA, 6 point weighing for better control of spreading regularity



MCP 200 slurry tanker - 20,000 L

USED - FULLY SERVICED - 2012 model year

  Oil separator sniffer with recovery of spit oil 
  Pumping arm diameter 200 + funnel + filling accelerator
  Arm lock in transport position
  Steering bogie
  Tubular level
  Mountain dual emptying system
  Load transfer interior partition
  Precision double-nozzle spreader bar + stiffener
  Work lamp + removable beacon
  Air brake combined with load corrector








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