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Mixer with blade



mixer with blade

Mixing is a key component of the anaerobic digestion process that makes it possible to homogenises the fermenting mass (stored in a storage tank, heated to 37°C).

Indeed, mixing improves contact between the matter and microorganisms, also makes the temperature uniform throughout the vessel and prevents sedimentation of matter on the bottom of the digester or floating matter, such as straw, from rising to the surface.

The higher the dry matter content, the more powerful the mixing needs to be. However, it is recommended to have a dry matter content below 12% to obtain a pumpable and mixable mixture.

Advantages  :

 11 kW Atex geared motor drive at 13 rpm
 4 adjustable blades per pair
 Lower bearing mounted on double bearing and double seal
 Oscillating upper bearing
 Etanchéité supérieure au gaz par joint caoutchouc
 Lock at the bottom part on a pedestal located at the bottom of the digester
 Casing on the motor reducer assembly
 Placed in ATEX zones







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