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Incorporation table



incorporation table

The digester receives daily rations of waste consisting of different types of products: liquid and/or solid.

Developed to optimise the integration of waste into the temporary manure storage and then the digester, the MIRO incorporation table makes it possible to homogenise the liquid and solid by effective shredding and gradual integration of the matter into the temporary manure storage throughout the day.

Advantages :

 120 blades to ensure fine shredding
 Drive by bevel gearing and electric motor under each spreader bar
 10-40 m capacity
 Casing thickness 8 for the bottom and 6 for the sides

 Two horizontal bale groupers
 Weighing system controlled by the management controller
 16 mm chain or Miro square chain
 Manual mechanical tension or hydraulic tension
 Rear protective hood
 Live bottom floor with closely grouped bars with electric drive

 Placed outside ATEX zones






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